We offer 3 categories for you to choose from here in Beautiful Stock Images. Depending on your needs, you can choose from 3 different image sizes and prices. All our images are in JPG-format which is a common and versatile image file format.

1. SMALL 600px | €5 / image

2. MEDIUM 1000px | €15 / image

3. LARGE 4000px | €20 / image

What image size should you choose?

1. SMALL 600px

This option can be used digitally for example for blog content. There’s not much resolution on this size, so we highly recommend you to not use this size for printing.  It’s not recommended for scaling either since the resolution won’t be enough and your image will turn out pixelated. 600 pixels is this big:

2. MEDIUM 1000px

If you want to have a bit bigger image for example for your blog post or even for some printed use, this option will do approximately for 8cm image. If you want to print out this sized image, its quality will be sufficient for approximately 8cm wide image (with resolution 300). 1000px image is this wide:

3. LARGE 4000px

This is the full-size option which is always at least 4000px wide (or height). This is the most recommended image size, if your plan is to use it for various purposes now and in the future. Since 4000px is pretty wide, here’s 100% detail of the image:

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