Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Beautiful Stock Images?

Beautiful Stock Images offers free images as well as affordable stock photos for various uses. Our stock images can be used for either personal, editorial or commercial purposes such as advertisements, brochures, articles, and product packaging. Our beautiful stock images are most commonly purchased and used by entrepreneurs, graphic designers, artists and media agencies. We allow you to download images of 4 sizes as you go 10 times within 30 days of your purchase.

What does Royalty-Free Images mean?

It means that an image is available for use in accordance with the Licensing and Terms of Service without the need for additional description or coordination of the place, audience, way of use, etc. When buying an image under a royalty-free license, you receive a non-exclusive lifelong right to use it for your purposes within the bounds stated by the Standard or Extended licenses.

What licensing options are available?

We offer two types of licensing: Standard and Extended. See more details on Licensing page.

Is it possible to purchase single images?

Yes, absolutely! You can purchase single images on Beautiful Stock Images. To purchase a single image, choose the right image size and add it to the shopping cart, make a purchase and download the image. You may need a couple of minutes to be able to download the image but definitely after the order has been processed on our system.

What are the payment methods?

Beautiful Stock Images uses PayPal which is a well known and trusted online payment service that accepts all major credit cards. So you can easily use a PayPal account to purchase photos from us.

What are the sizes of the images on the site? Does the price depend on the image size?

The price of the image is dependent upon the size of the image you are purchasing. You can read more on the Pricing page.

Can I download the same image several times?

Yes, for 30 days after the payment for the image is made, you can download it 10 times without any additional fee.

Am I limited to the amount of time I have to download an image after I’ve purchased it?

Yes. Once you have purchased an image, it remains available for 30 days after your payment is submitted. During this time you can download it 10 times as necessary without additional payments. We recommend you to backup your images after downloading them.

What language should be used when entering keywords to search for images?

At the moment, please enter keywords in English.

How do I look for a specific image?

Search by a keyword or several keywords. Simply enter a keyword that describe the image you’re looking for.

Should my browser accept cookies?

Yes. Please check your browser preferences to make sure it is set to accept cookies from third party sites.

Can I share my login or password info with my friends or colleagues?

No, you cannot. Per the Terms of Use, your account may only be used by you. Violation of this will result in account suspension.

Is it possible to cancel the order for an image that’s already been purchased?

Once you purchase and download the image, the sale is final. We do not offer refunds for downloaded files. Returns will only be considered based on technical issues with the file or downloading issues at the sole discretion of Beautiful Stock Images. Please, carefully acquaint yourself with all technical and descriptive data accompanying each image before purchasing. If the image is low-quality, please contact our Customer Support.

What if an image that I’ve purchased is not suitable for work?

Please contact our Customer Support within 7 days if the image you purchased includes imperfections, or the image is blur or for example not in focus. We’ll be able to discuss about the possibilities of returning an image and being reimbursed for the purchase or editing the image as needed.

When I download an image, where will it be located on my computer?

Downloaded images are saved by default on your computer’s Downloads folder, or on your Desktop. However, Firefox offers the option to change this with each download. If you use IE or Opera, you indicate the location where you want to save the file.

I cannot download a purchased image. What should I do?

You can try downloading the purchased image from your account. You have as long as 30 days to complete the transaction or you can contact our Customer Support. You should receive an email with a download link after your purchase and also redirected on a download page after the order. If you’re facing any technical difficulties on Beautiful Stock Images, please contact us on our Customer Support. We will do our very best to be in contact you as soon as possible.

How often will there be new images for sale?

Beautiful Stock Images will add new images as soon as they arrive and are ready from our editing room. The best way to know when new images arrive is to subscribe to our newsletter.


You’d like to hire us for a project? Yes. We’re available for that too!

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